Bhansali's Residence


Type: Apartment Interiors

Client: Mr. Ashok Bhansali

Status: Completed in 2020

Project Team: Nivedhitha, Frank, Elakkiya & Sanjay

Photo Credits: AB Photography

This project was all about reimagining a compact builder-finished 3BHK apartment as a chic, urban space with a splash of vibrant colours. The willingness of the clients to explore bold elements that went beyond a minimal palette of whites opened up a gateway of ideas. Our fascinating experiments with materials & finishes resulted in a trendy home for the family of 3.

Few changes were made to the layout; a portion of kitchen wall was broken down to open up the kitchen & bring in more light, Puja niche was converted into wardrobe space for MBR, visual barriers were introduced between living & foyer and also between living & dining. Overall circulation improved & the apartment appeared more spacious than before.

Clients were willing to go with IPS flooring for majority of spaces as it worked well with a range of colours for the interiors. Having the outline of printed tile flooring mirrored in the wooden-finished false ceiling further enhanced a sense of activity in the living & dining areas. Materials like texture paint, MDF panels & painted Shatkona tiles were used creatively to complement the theme. Special thought went into creating a dynamic space for the kid’s bedroom, with features tailored to meet the active life of a teenager. A ‘Classic European’ master bedroom features a cosy, vintage nook that is sure to evoke memories of decades gone by.